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Elegant Horse Drawn Carriages
Specializing in Weddings since 1972

A Wedding Carriage Awaits to Make Your Dreams Come True

A horse and carriage is a wonderful way to enhance your wedding day.

After all your efforts of planning your dream day, gliding along in a horse drawn carriage will allow you the perfect opportunity to simply relax and make the moment last.

Elegant White Carriages with Rich Interiors

Our elegant white vis-à-vis carriages seat up to four very comfortably.

Choice of carriage interiors come in both Rich Burgundy and Royal Blue.

Our carriages are uniquely designed to be enjoyed rain or shine! As you can see, they are absolutely beautiful with the top up or down.

A happy couple enjoying one of Wood Acres Farm wedding carriage rides

Information about Wedding Carriage Rides

Our fee covers all preparation, set up, and travel time. Our prices are determined by date, time, location, and the number of horses/carriages you are requesting. There is a minimum price for one horse and an elegant white carriage for up to two hours. Please call for additional information.
We have large trucks and trailers which are specially designed to transport our horses and carriages. When we arrive, we discreetly set up everything ‘out of site’ and be ready to serve you at the time and location that you have specified on our Agreement.
We are very centrally located in Terryville, CT which is 25 miles west of Hartford and approx. 10-15 miles from Waterbury, Southington, and Torrington. For the sake of our horses, we prefer to stay within a 75 mile radius from the farm.
A horse drawn carriage is ideal for short distances. Therefore, as you travel at a relaxed pace, you are able to enjoy this day you have worked so hard to plan for. Allow approx. 10 min. per mile and keep travel distance within a 2 mile radius. Be sure to allot enough time for;

(A) a receiving line (B) photos with the carriage (C) travel time to your reception

Does the company you are interested in provide the horses/carriages that you see? They may be pictures of years ago. What you see is NOT always what you get!

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to meet with the carriage company you are considering, we encourage you to do so. We would be happy to set up an appt. to meet with you with absolutely no obligation.

Two courteous drivers are outfitted in tuxedos and top hats. A female attendant is there to assist you with your gown while getting in and and out of the carriage and during pictures.

After the ceremony, a sparkling beverage will be served to ‘celebrate the moment’! Knowing the best angles to photograph a horse and carriage, your driver/attendant will work as a team to ensure your photographer gets ‘the perfect pictures’!

“Thank you so much for making my daughter’s wedding so special. The carriages were so beautiful & you were so gracious. Your personal attention was most appreciated!”

-Dwight Harris

“Thank you so much for making our wedding memorable. The horse & carriage ride is something we will never forget. Thanks for everything you did that made our wedding day so special!”

-Tina & Rob